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Ivey is a high energy alt-rock band from Nashville, TN. Growing up down the street from Music Cities diverse scene helped shaped them into skilled and versatile musicians. As a live band, Ivey brings the party with great music, sombreros, and beach balls.
"Through The Keyhole" is the lead single off of Nashville artist Ivey's latest record, 'Take This To Heart'. This high energy pop-punk track confronts the invasiveness of today's society and how it affects our personal relationships and mental health.
'Take This To Heart' was recorded at Dark Horse Recording in Franklin, TN. Having access to the same studio that Taylor Swift, Brand New, and Mastodon all use gives this independent record a huge sonic advantage. The inspiring atmosphere led to an entirely new direction for the band. Their new record 'Take This to Heart' is dynamic, complex and full of energy. Ivey and producer/engineer Cason Pratt have spent the last year tirelessly crafting this record to be perfect.


Vocals, Guitar / Ivan Ayala
Guitar / Rufus Dawkins
Bass / Tim Sithoumma